Monday, 1 February 2016

Indian T20 Cricket Team 2016

The Indian T20 Cricket Team 2016: Indian team is going towards the T20 World Cup 2016; the position of the Indian Cricket 11 is not strong as we look on to the ODI’s performance of players. In ODI’s there was a lack of performance, team spirit and the ideas of the Indian captain was wrong on the situation, that team was going to be white washed by the Australians but at the 5th ODI Manesh Pandey performed well and snatched out the win from the Australians.

In T20’s we saw the same team performed epic and won the series with 3-0. The team that was going to be white washed in ODI’s but it didn’t happened, white washed the Australians in T20 matches. The reason behind this was the team nomination in that Cricket format, team spirit, bowlers’ contribution and the Captain’s ideas at the critical situations. 

Indian T20 Cricket Team 2016 "A Brief Report"

Nehra, Bumrah, Ashwin, Pandya will be nominated in the T20 world cup team squad as they performed well in the T20 format vs Australia. When we look onto the Batsmen performance then Raina, Yuvraj, Kohli, Rohit, Dhawan and the Captain performed well in the T20 series against Australia. Here we go with the current Indian T20 Cricket Team 2016.

Cricket Team Squads for T20 World Cup 2016

The Cricket Team Squads for T20 World Cup 2016 could be seen for future reference.

Schedule of Indian Team before T20 World Cup 2016

In February; Before T20 World Cup 2016, Indian Team is going to play a home series of T20 matches against Sri Lanka. Indian team will play three T20 matches against Sri Lanka at their home grounds in February (Feb 09 - Feb 14).

Then Indian team is going to play Asia Cup on Feb 24 to Mar 06. It will be a big quest for Indian team for the preparation of World Cup T20 2016 on Cricbuzz official website. As Asia Cup is comprised of 50 overs format but it will be a great warm up for the T20 World Cup 2016.

A Look at the Indian Key Players performances:

Yuvraj Singh:

Yuvraj Singh in the highlight of Australian Series performed well in the T20’s but overall performance in the entire series was not an impressive one. Yuvraj’s graph of performance is going below day by day and his place in the squad will be in the risk after the World Cup T20, may be Yuvraj will try to perform well and overcome his deficiencies in the performance and can sustain his space in the team. In fact he did not perform well in the Ranji Trophy of 2015-2016. Ranji Trophy is one of the biggest cricket tophy in the domestic cricket from which players are selected in the International cricket. It was not just batting form but Yuvraj also had to contend with cancer.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

The captain of the team is going towards his retirement and he will announce his plans about retirement after the World Cup T20. The batting form of Dhoni is not quite impressive but he is trying hard to perform well and to maintain team in a great way. Dhoni as a Captain in the Australian Series had lack of ideas in Captaincy decisions in the ODI’s. After the ODI’s it was the time for Indian Cricket Team to prove them that they have to potential to rise after the darkness and they really did so, and make their team way to the History of “White washing Australia in Australia.” It was the Second team after the West Indies who did this and repeated the history of anime games. Dhoni's men have received a lot of support all through the tournament and the skipper took this moment to thank them all.

Hardik Pandya:

Hardik Pandya a young blood and the future of the Indian cricket team; Hardik Pandya made his way into the Indian team through strong performances in the IPL, where he was mentored by Ponting and Tendulkar. He talks about his journey this far in the interview; “I see myself as a batting all-rounder, but I'm working on my bowling, I used to hear that after an IPL season a youngster can grow. That happened to me”

Pandya is making his way to stay in the team and it is a well initiative for the Indian Cricket team although he performed well in the Indian team vs Australia.

Virat Kohli:

Virat, a best batsman of India at hard times, is playing well continuously and his place in the Indian Cricket Squad is confirmed for the many future years. Although he played well in the entire series done at Australia in ODI’s as well as in the T20’s. Virat is a best batsman in the Indian team which has the potential for doing best for the team at the hardest times. Virat performed well in the team many time and he is like a key player for the team at any times. Virat stats, average, strike rate is quite impressive and he is like a role model for their team players.


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